When Exercise Becomes an Obsession

It should be on every conscientious Coach, Fitness Trainer, struggling athlete, and parent’s book shelf. Author’s Bio:  Athletes, Coaches, Fitness Professionals, Parents, and Teammates need to be aware of the signs and symptoms that indicate Anorexia Athletica or Hypergymnasia is developing in order to provide early intervention. The hallmark of these disorders are excessive physical … Continue Reading

Sport-Book on rise of English football and its riches wins award | Reuters

Goldblatt’s winning book was chosen from a shortlist of six by a panel of six judges. (Editing by Tony Jimenez) Goldblatt added that people go to matches because it is part of the nation’s “collective identity” but the game is at risk of being stifled by what he called the “sports-industrial complex” of rich owners … Continue Reading

The History Of Racquetball – InfoBarrel

Racquetball is not televised very frequently as it is difficult to film and keep track of the ball moving at high speeds. Sobek continued promoting the sport which was easy for most to pickup since over 40,000 handball courts exist across America. Joe named this sport, ‘Paddle Rackets’ which eventually was renamed ‘Racquetball’ by professional … Continue Reading