How to Make Money Handicapping Horse Races and Betting on Horseracing

The thrill of winning is probably pretty close to the same for each group, though the handicappers also have the satisfaction of working hard and getting rewarded for it. The way you make money handicapping and betting on horse races is in finding a good bet. Your chances of success are much greater if you … Continue Reading

Lions’ upset over Saints completes 20,000-to-1 parlay, paying $100K

She bet that both teams would score more than 45 points. They scored 61. Polia said, upon hearing the news, she fell to the floor of the law firm where she works in disbelief and, minutes later, said she was going out to lunch. The final game of the parlay was on Monday night, where … Continue Reading

Betting on basketball akin to investing.

Kent State and Missouri both covered. Some of the odds did seem pretty good. Kansas (boy did Holy Cross give the Jayhawks a scare!) isn’t going to announce that the NCAA is investigating it for improperly recognizing hundreds of points scored in Big 12 games from 1999.   Speaking of auditing, the fact that stats … Continue Reading