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They often make excuses to stay home more, but when they are home, they may seem apprehensive or depressed until they can find a good reason to go online. The greatest tragedy to it all is that those around the addicted individual are the real victims. It may be a private method for indulging in … Continue Reading

The Negative Influences of Media on Society You Never Thought About

For example, the negative effects of addiction are portrayed through advertisements. When this thought grips the minds of youngsters, they take to fad diets or turn to cosmetic surgeries to get that so-called perfect body. The bad is overinflated and the good goes unnoticed. Advertisements carry subliminal messages influencing buyers’ psychology, or carry direct messages … Continue Reading

Company Profile for Global Betting & Gaming Consultants

Bartlett has an extensive track record in the gambling industry spanning some 40 years. In addition GBGC could offer the added value of the knowledge of over 200 additional betting, gaming and lottery markets around the world and would be able to instantly highlight any relevant comparators, etc. As a result in this instance we … Continue Reading

Sports betting vs. the stock market: Which is riskier?

It’s easy to see why fans may be tempted to gamble on their favorite teams and athletes. All or nothing: Gambling on sports tends to be a zero-sum game. And in neither instance can you be guaranteed to be correct,” said Randall Fine, managing director of The Fine Point Group, one of the casino industry’s … Continue Reading

2 brothers sentenced in California for running international sports betting ring

All 18 have now pleaded guilty. The two pleaded guilty to racketeering. A judge in San Diego sentenced Jan Portocarrero to 18 months on Friday. They also were fined $50,000. Prosecutors say the brothers ran an Internet and telephone gambling enterprise called “Macho Sports” for more than a decade from a headquarters in Lima, Peru. … Continue Reading

Sports :: How to Win at Betting: Sports Gambling Winning Percentage, What You Need to Know

And as is the case with the Arkansas-based giant, many times this will be more profitable than being extremely selective and doing a small amount of volume, even if the mark-up is higher. Making it more difficult for sports bettors is that some sports services will claim to have won 200 units in a particular … Continue Reading