CIA nominee had detailed knowledge of enhanced interrogation techniques | Reuters

They added, however, that he was cited in passing, not as a significant supervisor or manager of the program. Those records, the sources said, show that Brennan was a regular recipient of CIA message traffic about controversial aspects of the agency’s counter-terrorism program after September 2001, including the use of “waterboarding.” Three high-ranking al Qaeda … Continue Reading

Horse Racing Systems: 5 That Work

With the BRIS pp’s you can use the Sire Production Factor in concert with the pedigree rating. My computer studies of pedigree, based on nearly 100,000 races, suggest that using pedigree in that manner offers no advantage to the player. For as long as humans have bet on horse racing there have been system sellers … Continue Reading

Golf Tips-How to Break 100 in Golf

The tee’s are set up according to a person’s handicap, not according to a persons ego. Shooting over 100 means you need to play from the white tee’s. A few individuals find it easy to play, while others find it somewhat difficult. He couldn’t believe it worked. He hits his 5-wood fairly well, but not … Continue Reading